Aurora Leaf Bunny New Release


Six Aurora Leaf Bunny Dolls will be released today, July 1, 2016, at 4pm (est) at Aurora Leaf Bunnies are the magical cousins of the regular Leaf Bunnies and Snowy Leaf Bunnies. While regular Leaf Bunnies move at a sloth’s pace, the Aurora Leaf Bunnies have the rare ability to float in the air! They can only hover a few feet from the ground, but this makes travel a lot easier. Aurora Leaf Bunnies tend to dwell in more mountainous regions and enjoy munching on tall wildflowers as they slowly float through the valleys. Their beautiful rainbow fur can be seen shimmering in the sunlight from miles away.

The Aurora Leaf Bunny doll is hand-crafted with soft pastel rainbow faux fur, fleece, and has adorable embroidered details. Leaf top-stitching is done without a pattern and the rainbow fur is different on every piece, so each Leaf Bunny is completely unique. Aurora Leaf Bunny measures about 8″ long and wide and 6″ tall. The Leaf Bunny character design and embroidery artwork are Shlii originals, and the base sewing pattern for the doll was created by TeacupLion.

UPDATE: Now available 🙂

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