Merboston Kickstarter Preview

This morning I finished all of the Reward Tiers and graphics for the Merboston project page. The launch is happening this Monday, May 1st, at 12pm(EST). For any first time Kickstarter users, I wanted to explain a few things about this project.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that helps small business owners like me achieve huge projects. With the Merboston Kickstarter, you’re basically pre-ordering a plush. If I reach enough pre-orders then Merboston will be produced. However, Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” crowd-funding platform, so if we can’t reach 100% funding Merboston can’t be made. Read more about Merboston here:

If we reach 100% funding, here is the timeline that takes place after the project ends:

It takes 14-30 days after the Kickstarter project ends for funds to go through. Once funding is received, I can pay the manufacturer. Plush production generally takes around five months. Once I receive the Merboston dolls, I will check them over and then mail them to their new homes, along with any other rewards. I’m estimating that I’ll be able to start shipping smaller reward tiers in June/July and plush reward tiers in November 2017. I’ve had an online shop for the past six years and am experienced at shipping my work worldwide.

Reward Tiers


There are different “Reward Tiers” available that have different price points and rewards available. The Merboston Kickstarter has nine Reward Tiers to choose from, ranging from $5 to $140 USD. You can also choose to pledge any amount, even $1. Every single dollar counts!

Early Bird Special Pricing

There will be a special Reward Tier limited to the first 50 backers. This tier is for discounted pricing for the Merboston doll. For first dibs on this tier, be sure to sign up for an email notification here: 

Add On Shop

Each Reward Tier has specific rewards that you will receive. For example, the $35 Huge Splash tier includes a Merboston doll, an acrylic keychain, a vinyl sticker, and a pinback button. If you would like to add on items to your selected Reward Tier, I’ve provided a graphic with specific reward prices so that you may increase your pledge to match. The Add On Shop only has lightweight items available:

Merboston Kickstarter Preview

If you would like to preview the project page, the link is now available here: The only task left for me to do is film and edit my project video. For a shy person, I think speaking in front of a camera may be the most daunting task! ^_^


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