Merboston’s Second Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! I’ve been hard at work sharing about Merboston in every way possible. This past Saturday, I brought her with me to a pug charity show that I vended at. I had so many people asking if they could buy the plush! 🙂

I’ve been so happy and thankful for all the love Merboston has received online and at the show! In Merboston’s first week we’ve made it to the brink of 50%!! We’re at 49% with 13 days to go, and I just know we can reach full funding with all of your help!

I’ve been busy sending my press release out to toy blogs, and so far Merboston was published in two of them! So exciting!! Here are their links:

I’ll also be setting up Merboston’s display at Tidewater Comicon this weekend, so hopefully that will create some big waves! She’ll be there handing out her Kickstarter cards:

Merboston has had many backers that are brand new to Kickstarter, so I want to post all of the project details once again (I may do so at the end of every Project Update just in case someone misses it):

  • The Merboston plush measures 10″ tall, is made with soft Minky fabric, and features professionally embroidered details. Your plush will also include an adorable Merboston hang tag.
  • The Merboston Kickstarter will end on Sunday, May 21, 2017, at 11:43am (EDT). Kickstarter is an “All or Nothing” platform, so if we do not reach our $6800 goal you will not be charged anything. 
  • You can continue to help Merboston by sharing the project link on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I’ve also created this graphic to make it easier to share on your social media pages:

If we reach 100% funding, here is the timeline that takes place after the project ends:

  • After the Kickstarter ends, I will send out a “Backer Survey” so that you can give me your shipping address and let me know any Reward Tier specific information.
  • It takes 14-30 days after the Kickstarter project ends for funds to go through. Once funding is received, I can pay my manufacturer.
  • Plush production generally takes around five months. Once I receive the Merboston dolls, I will check them over and then mail them to their new homes, along with any other rewards.
  • I’m estimating that I’ll be able to start shipping smaller reward tiers in June/July and plush reward tiers in November 2017. I’ve had an online shop for the past six years and am experienced at shipping my work worldwide.

Thank you all so much for believing in Merboston!

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