Mercorgi Kickstarter on the Horizon

mercorgi-plush-snapshotYesterday, I did another spur-of-the-moment Live video on my Facebook page to share the Mercorgi prototype. I also posted a short clip on my Instagram. Mercorgi received lots of compliments, which made me so happy! I’ve also had about 100 people sign up to receive an email for first dibs on “Early Bird” special pricing on the Mercorgi plush. Let me share some more information about that and the Kickstarter project. 🙂

The Mercorgi Plush Kickstarter will launch on Monday, August 1st at 11am(EST). The Early Bird sign up form can be found here: Mercorgi Plush Kickstarter. Previously, I’ve been saying that you’ll receive an email right when the Kickstarter launches so you can snag the special. Since I’ve received such an awesome amount of people signing up, I’m going to launch the Kickstarter and send you all the email BEFORE I publicly launch and post about it! The Early Bird price for Mercorgi will be $20 (plus shipping) and the regular price will be $25 (plus shipping). The $5 savings will only be available to the first 35 backers.


So far I’ve finished all the text content for the Kickstarter project and am working on the graphics and Mercorgi photos. Lastly, I’ll have to make a project video. Here is my Live video from yesterday showing Mercorgi in action! 😀

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