Mercorgi Plush Kickstarter

The Mercorgi Plush is now available to adopt:



I am extremely excited to announce that the Mercorgi Plush Kickstarter had a very successful launch on Monday, August 1, 2016. This was my second Kickstarter project; Merpug had a successful Kickstarter in 2015 that finished at 126% funding. Mercorgi broke Merpug’s record by reaching 193% funding!!

Prototype Updates & Behind the Scenes

I will keep this section up to date as I work with the manufacturer. Read about all the prototype updates and my experiences working on this project.

Mercorgi Plush Kickstarter Has Launched

Mercorgi Kickstarter Updates

Mercorgi Kickstarter on the Horizon

Mercorgi Prototype Version 1:

Mercorgi Prototype Sketch: