Merpug Plush Kickstarter

The Merpug Plush is now available to adopt:


2015 was an exciting year for Shlii! I held my first Kickstarter to launch a new line of Merpug plush dolls! Merpug finished with 126% funding!!! Thank you so much for everyone’s support! My goal is to eventually expand the line to include all of the Norfolk Merdogs.


The Merpug Plush Kickstarter has ended. Click here to view the Kickstarter>>


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Shlii Launches Kickstarter for Merpug Plush Toys

Prototype Updates & Behind the Scenes

I will keep this section up to date as I work with the manufacturer. Merpug is currently in its final plush form. Read more below about all the prototype updates and my experiences working on this project for the past six months.


Merpug is a Kickstarter Staff Pick!

Merpug Plush Kickstarter Press Release

Merpug Plush Kickstarter Sneak Peek

Merpug Kickstarter Launch Date!

Merpug Update 6:

Merpug Prototype Version 5:

Merpug Prototype Version 4:

Merpug Prototype Version 3:

Merpug Prototype Version 2:

Merpug Prototype Version 1: