Shlii is Back on Storenvy


I’m kind of laughing right now, because I really wanted to write a new blog post today. This morning, I just couldn’t think of anything to write, but I still logged into my website to prep a post. Well, I ended up finding a blog post topic from a completely unexpected source.

I saw that there was a new plugin update for WooCommerce, which is what I use for my shop. I always do back-ups before I update anything, but of course today I didn’t. And of course, today, updating the plugin gave me a 500 Internal Server Error. I’m planning on releasing a bunch of new items in my shop this Friday, so I did my best to stay calm. I’m no Computer Whiz, which is why this is a WordPress-based website. I was able to log in to the back-end via FTP and deactivate WooCommerce. I also reverted to an older version. That fixed the server error, however it deleted all of my products and previous orders. I have all of my customer orders automatically emailed to me, so that really isn’t a problem.

For now, I’ve decided to re-launch my Storenvy shop, so all new items will be available here: I think my custom storefront turned out cute 🙂 Expect the Aurora Leaf Bunnies, Woodland Guardians, Norfolk Merdogs pillows, and more to be found there this Friday!

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