Baby Ribbit Kickstarter Relaunch!

Baby Ribbit Kickstarter

October Shop Release

Edit: Flash Shop Release for Baron happening October 20th at 6pm(EST). Listings will go Live right at 6pm on this page: Flash Shop Release

(Original October Shop Release) Preorders went Live on Friday, October 8th, at 6:00pm(EST).

Please keep in mind all dolls are handmade upon order. Items will be made and shipped in chronological order throughout the month of October. You will receive an email notification upon shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: I am only one person sewing AND packaging orders. Thank you so much for your patience as I complete your order and for understanding that hand-crafted work is not a speedy process. 

Welcome to the World of Shlii!

Jackie Ashley Shlii came into existence from an artist's dream of creating unique, cute character designs that bring joy to others. Jackie Ashley of Norfolk, VA taught herself how to sew around 2008 and soon discovered her passion: designing and sewing plush toys. It was something completely different from the traditional arts and graphic design job that she started out with, so it took great determination and a bit of bravery to start making and selling plush toys full time in 2010. She still puts her traditional and digital design skills to good use with her art prints, enamel pin and keychain designs. The journey of being a full time artist has not been an easy one, but the loving support from her fans and customers makes it all worth it.

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