2021 February Shop Release

I'm so excited for this shop release!! I'm focusing on more of my original characters for this one- and those that have been part of Shlii for MANY years :) The February Shop Release, dropping Feb 19th at 6pm(EST), features Baby Yeticorn, Baby StarMew (Lavender, Aqua, Galaxy variants), and Bubblegum Ditto. There will be extremely limited quantities of each since I make all of them by hand.

  • Baby Yeticorn: $28 USD + shipping, 6 available 
  • Baby StarMew: $28 USD + shipping, 4 Lavender, 4 Aqua, 12 Galaxy, 8 Mystery StarMew (random color) available
  • Bubblegum Ditto: $20 USD + shipping, 10 available

The Baby Yeticorn and StarMew dolls are some of the most difficult mini dolls I've ever made. The Yeticorn horn is super tiny, which makes the stuffing and top-stitching very laborious. And sewing it onto the slippery Yeticorn fur takes that to the next level! It's like a battle! The StarMew is more sneaky since it looks like a simpler design, but stuffing the doll is also very intense and takes a lot of technique to get it to look right. Sewing the tail onto the body is also quite a task. BUT I love both of these characters so much and can't even describe how happy I am to be making them again after all these years!! When I say there's love in every stitch, I mean it :) 

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