2021 MarchxApril Shop Release

When you let your light shine through the darkness, love blooms. My heart is heavy but focusing on the cute and beauty of spring with the MarchxApril Shop Release still makes me smile. I hope these cuties make you smile, too.


Sakura Ribbit Bucket Hats

The process of making these started with me washing all of the blank white hats. Next, I mixed ratios of "hyacinth" and "rose quartz" fabric dyes to create light, pastel colors. I then tie dyed each white hat. After the dye had time to set, I applied dye fixative, let that set, then washed the hats once again. While I did this dyeing process, I drew the artwork for Kid Ribbit and the little cherry blossoms and then converted the artwork to an embroidery file. It was so exciting testing out the embroidery for the first time! I'm so happy with how these hats turned out, and each one is completely unique thanks to the tie dye!

Listing: 5 | Price: $35 USD

Baby Mushroom Handmade Miniature Doll

Just a fun guy to be around- Baby Mushroom! Yes, finally!! This tiny and adorable fungi measures about 2.5" tall and is made with super soft Minky fabric. It's also weighted so it can stand upright. Each mushroom cap is embroidered and sewn on its own, and then I secure it to the body by hand-sewing all the way around the opening of the cap. This step tends to fight me a bit and takes a lot of time and patience! But I think the finished cuteness is totally worth it!

Preorder Slots: 20 | Price: $30 USD

Sakura Monsta Handmade Miniature Doll

Shining bright for her debut is SakuraMonsta! This little cutie bloomed from my love of cherry blossom trees. I think they're so gorgeous and currently in bloom where I live. Sakura Monsta measures about 3.5" tall and is made with super soft Minky fabric. It's also weighted so it can stand upright. The blossom is embroidered and sewn on its own, and then I carefully hand-sew it onto the body piece. 

Preorder Slots: 20 | Price: $30 USD

Baby Wisp Lily Handmade Miniature Doll

My derpiest of all behbehs and also a familiar face for longtime customers- Baby Wisp Lily! This little one comes with her own adorable lily pad! Baby Wisp Lily is weighted to stand on her own. Each lily pad is made up of three different plush- a lily pad and two flower pieces. I then hand-sew all of the pieces together. 

Preorder Slots: 10 | Price: $30 USD

Baby Ribbit Handmade Miniature Doll

The smallest and most precious of all my minis has to be Baby Ribbit! This boi is tiny and the perfect size for ita bags or to carry in your pocket. Be warned, though- when young Ribbits grow up they're pretty massive... Ribbits aren't actually frogs; they're frog-type kaiju. I'm sorry I didn't mention this earlier!! Also- keep an eye out for big mama Ribbit and you'll be fine. heh heh

Preorder Slots: 40 | Price: $12 USD

Kid Ribbit Handmade Miniature Doll

They grow up so quickly, don't they? Kid Ribbit is bebs older bro, but not by many years- so fortunately, still compact in size. He might hog some space in an ita bag, though- round boi measures about 2.5" tall and 3.25" wide. Cute yellow Minky is appliquéd onto the belly. As with all my minis, Kid is also lightly weighted to stand on its own.

Preorder Slots: 20 | Price: $28 USD

Monstera Leaf Kid Handmade Miniature Doll

Monstera Leaf Kid is a bit shy but super sweet! It loves hugs, a cute planter to call home, and a little sunlight. This cutie is made with ultra plush Minky Luxe Cuddle for its body and legs. This is probably the softest fabric in all the land. Just sayin'. Leaf Kid's lovely Monstera leaf and tiny root tail are also super soft and sewn separately from the body with regular Minky Cuddle fabric. Monstera Leaf Kid is weighted, and measures about 4.5" tall. Its leaf measures 4" by 4". 

Preorder Slots: 5 | Price: $35 USD

Not Yet Pictured- Dad Hats, Assorted Colors and Embroidery 

I'm currently embroidering dad hats in all different colors. I'm going to try to finish them and get some photos up before the shop release. 

Listing: 8 | Price: $25 USD

The MarchxApril Shop Release goes Live on Friday, March 26th, at 6:00pm(EST). Please keep in mind everything is handmade upon order. Items will be made and shipped in chronological order throughout April and May. You will receive an email notification upon shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Shop Releases take me months to complete; I am only one person sewing and packaging every single order. Thank you so much for your patience as I complete your order and for understanding that hand-crafted work is not a speedy process.

Link: MarchxApril Shop Release (products go Live at 6pm)

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