2022 January Shop Release

The public shop release launches Saturday, January 15th at 3pm(EST). Here are the January Shop Release doll designs and prices (in USD):

Snow Beast Edition Baby Green Boi Handmade Miniature Doll ~ $50.00 This special edition boi features an angy Snow Beast hat and a special "snowy planet" inspired cloak. The embroidery colors have also been chosen to match a cute, wintry feel! This special Baby Green Boi has ruby red cheeks, rose gold ears, and gray umber face details. Snow Beast Green Boi also has a hand-sewn removable cloak and hat.

Dumpling Bat Handmade Miniature Doll ~ $48.00 Dumpling Bats are small, sweet critters that need lots of love and care. They have quite an appetite and tend to eat so much they can only glide around instead of take flight! This isn't a problem for them, though, since they're completely happy being carried around in their comfy dumpling wrapper. Each Dumpling Bat features a cute embroidered face, wings, and appliquéd belly. They also come with their very own dumpling wrapper, which is carefully pleated and topstitched.

*DEBUT* Frogbuns Handmade Miniature Doll ~ $38.00 Ever since I learned that frogs irl have little butt cheeks (and I can't stop giggling every time I see a photo of them), I knew I had to make a plush version. Thus, Frogbuns was born. Frogbuns features a cute embroidered face, two tone Minky colors, and, of course, a booty. Each pair of cheeks is carefully needle-sculpted to plump perfection.

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