A Froggy Farewell

Once again, I appreciate all of the love and support shown to Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit through the years and during this Kickstarter. 
They weren't able to reach as many people as needed, possibly due to the busy time of summer, social media algorithms blocking my posts, and a needed tier restructuring. 
I am excited and hopeful looking to the future relaunch for them! The love definitely exists for these little froggy characters, so I will try different advertising strategies to be able to reach everyone. 
As mentioned in the previous update, I'll also be restructuring the entire project, all of the tiers, adding Stretch Goals, and creating some new cute reward items :) 
Thank you for joining me and the Ribbits on this journey! I will create a landing page and email sign up to receive a notification for more details about the new project launch. I'll post the link in the next update. 
For now, I've been advised that it is better to cancel a Kickstarter project than to let it run through. So for now it's a froggy farewell, but we promise to make a great comeback!! 
Jackie and the Ribbits 
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