Baby Green Boi Preorder Form

I am excited to announce that the Preorder Form goes Live at noon / 12pm(EST) July 9th!! The form will be capped at 50 entries, and I will start emailing invoices after the cap. Here is the link:

 How It Works

The preorder form is for one Baby Green Boi Doll unless more are requested at the bottom of the form. Please carefully fill out the form with your information. I will be emailing out Shopify invoices in the order the preorder form is received.

Each doll is handmade upon invoice payment. There may be a large amount of preorder forms, so I will be sending out invoices in waves throughout the 2021 year. Dolls will be sewn within 10-20 business days of your PAID invoice. Once your doll is completed, you will receive a second email with your package shipping information.

Summary: Fill out preorder form > Receive email invoice (please check Spam folder) > Pay invoice > 10-20 business days > Receive shipping confirmation email.

**If you do not receive your shipping confirmation email after 20 days, please email me at so I can try sending it to you again.**

I am one person sewing, packaging, and shipping your preorders, so thank you so much for your patience and support as I work through all of them during 2021 :) I'll give updates on where I am on the form list as much as possible to keep everyone in the loop through blog updates on my shop, . I'll also post about it on my Instagram, @shliikawaii

Pre-order Form Cap: 50 entries at a time.

Doll Description

Baby Green Boi is ultra adorable and smol. They would make great Ita bag travel buddies and/or desk pets! They only measure about 2.5"x2.5." Each doll is handmade with extremely soft, high quality Minky fabric and stuffed with a mixture of poyfil and poly pellets so they're lightly weighted. Embroidered details. Green Boi also has a hand-sewn removable cloak. Each Baby Green Boi doll is lovingly hand-crafted in Norfolk, VA by Shlii Kawaii Toys.

Pricing and Shipping

Baby Green Boi: $35 USD

Domestic (USA) First Class Package: $3 USD

International First Class Package: $18 USD. Insane as it is for a 3oz package, this is the cheapest International shipping rates available. I sadly no longer ship to the UK or EU countries due to excessive tax processes put in place by those locations starting in 2021.

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