Baby Green Boi Preorder Update #2 and Shop News

So far the preorders have been going smoothly, so I'm really excited to continue offering this new and hopefully *stress free* purchasing option for Baby Green Boi! 

I'm currently packaging preorder numbers 2-11, minus three unpaid invoices, so you should've received your shipping notification. I also just emailed out the next batch of invoices for form numbers 12-21.

If you would like to know which preorder form number you have, it was in the very first email I sent out to everyone :) The email subject line was "ShliiKawaii Baby Green Boi Preorder Form UPDATE #1" if you need to search through your inbox. 

Shop News

The January Shop Release is happening Friday, January 15th at 3pm (EST). This drop will include Baby Snorlax, Baby Ditto ("Bubblegum" variant), and Baby Ribbit. 

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