Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit Kickstarter Rewards

Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit Kickstarter Rewards

The Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit Plush Clip Kickstarter launches on Friday, July 16th at noon(EST)!! Here is the launch page to receive an email right when the project goes Live: Cute Frog Plush Clips Kickstarter This is also the same link for when the project launches. 

Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit are living their best frog monster lives in the world of Shlii, and with the successful funding of this project they can exist in plushie form!

The funding of this project will enable me to have a small batch of Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit plushies made. Kickstarter projects are "all or nothing," so the project will only continue forward if we reach the funding goal. 

Each reward tier will feature a different combination of items. There are also limited early bird special tiers available. All Reward Items can be added to any tier as an "Add On" except for the tote bags- those are only included in the top two tiers. Here is the full list of Reward Items with retail prices (in USD):

  • Kid Ribbit Plushie Clip: $12
  • Baby Ribbit Plushie Clip: $8
  • Mischief Ribbit 3" Vinyl "Cracked Glass" Holo Sticker: $5
  • Kid Ribbit 2" Holo Acrylic Keychain: $8
  • Baby Ribbit 2" Holo Acrylic Keychain: $8
  • Kid Ribbit Holo Heart Pin: $5
  • Baby Ribbit Holo Heart Pin: $5
  • Sakura Ribbits Wooden Pin: $8
  • Super Ribbits Holographic Vinyl Tote Bag: $30

And here is the pricing info and details for each tier:

I am extremely grateful for every single pledge made. Sharing this project on your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and other social media helps in a huge way. Thank you so much for your support!!

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