Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit Plush Kickstarter

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I am SO excited to officially announce a project I've been working on behind the scenes for months: a Kickstarter for Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit plushie clips!! 

Here is the project link: Cute Frog Plush Kickstarter

The Kickstarter launches on Friday, July 16th. 

These plushies are super soft and squishy and the perfect size to go on adventures with you! Baby Ribbit measures about 3" tall and Kid Ribbit measures 4" tall. They're made out of micro Minky and polyfil with embroidered details.  

Kickstarter is "all or nothing," so if we don't reach full funding by the end date Baby Ribbit and Kid Ribbit plush won't be produced. 

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