Baby Ribbit Kickstarter Final 10 Days

Baby Ribbit Kickstarter Final 10 Days

Firstly, WOW!! We have really jumped forward so quickly in the last few days! I'm seeing such an outpouring of support for Baby Ribbit on Twitter, Insta, Facebook, etc. Thank you all so much!! We have ten days to go! 

If you would like to help share this project on social media, here is the link to copy/paste:

I've also created a Dropbox folder with photos you can download and share: 

Baby Ribbit Kickstarter Photos

What Are Add Ons?

Add Ons are optional rewards backers can choose to add to their pledge. If you have already backed the Baby Ribbit Kickstarter, you probably saw the Add On menu pop up with all of the available rewards. You can still select Add Ons up until the Kickstarter ends by clicking the "Manage your pledge" button. 

Here are all the available Add On items with pricing (USD):

  • Baby Ribbit 3" Vinyl Sticker: $5
  • Mischief Ribbit 3" Vinyl Sticker: $5
  • Sparkles Ribbit 3" Vinyl Sticker: $5
  • Baby Ribbit Sparkle Holo Heart Button: $5
  • Baby Ribbit 2" Acrylic Keychain: $8
  • Baby Ribbit Acrylic Phone Grip: $10
  • Baby Ribbit & Friends Lanyard: $12
  • Baby Ribbit Plushie Clip: $10

Here are mockups of all Reward items available on this project. As you can see, some of these items are exclusive to certain Reward Tiers and not available as Add Ons.

Thank you for all of your support and for believing in Baby Ribbit!! Baby Ribbit Frog Cute Plush Toys -- Kicktraq Mini
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