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At the last minute before heading out to O'Connor Brewing's Stranger Things party, I opened up preorders for a new friend: Babygorgon! It's the much rounder, quite small, and very kawaii cousin of the Stranger Things monsters. Even with all of Babygorgon's positive qualities, I'd still keep a close eye on your cat if you adopt one ...

Opening up preorders Saturday night was a moment I went completely off of my business plan and schedule. Originally, I was sewing them for FantaSci, a mini con happening this weekend. But I was so excited and happy with how Babygorgon turned out that I couldn't wait. And somehow this sudden, last minute decision ended up being my most successful preorder release I have ever done! There was such a huge outpouring of love for this little guy, and I am so grateful!!!

As of writing this there are just ten preorder slots left. While prepping for FantaSci, I've also started sewing some of the preorders, too. On the listing, I have them scheduled to ship starting the week of August 5th. I can't wait to get these out to everyone :) 

>> Babygorgon Handmade Miniature Doll Preorder 


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