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Today’s feature is Whimsical Wonderhaven! When I think of Ashley, I think of rainbows, sparkles and unicorns; no matter what she has going on in life, every time I’m around her she’s been so bright, upbeat, and positive. I’m so happy to see her business flourishing!  Learn more about this artist with our mini interview:

Mini Interview with Whimsical Wonderhaven:

Describe your work in five words.
Whimsical, Fantasy, Kawaii, Glittery, Magical

Is there a story behind your business name?
Since my eventual goal is to own a fantasy shop, I wanted a name that was not just a reflection of all the whimsical creations I make, but I wanted it to be a welcoming place for others to be their fantastical selves.

 Where do you find inspiration?
I was obsessed with magical creatures when I was little– unicorns, fairies, gnomes etc.– and that love carried over into my adulthood. My work is heavily inspired by, not just fantasy creatures, but Japanese Harajuku Fashion, from fairy kei to lolita. You get little hints of Lisa Frank in my work as well, as I love colors and glitter!

What’s your studio playlist?
Lots and lots of K-pop

Where is your studio?
I’m fortunate that our home came with a separate shop with an upstairs so I have two work spaces. My main one is in my house where I do the business end of things as well as make most of my smaller creations. The 2nd area above our shop is where all of the sewing, product photography, and resin work happens.

How do you get yourself out of a creative rut?
I get out of the house and usually visit places that make me happy such as antique stores or craft stores.

Who do you really admire?
Wood Splitter Lee Cross. Her fantasy plush work is absolutely phenomenal, and she is just such a warm, gentle, positive person.

Where to Find Her Work:


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