Hampton Comicon Rolling In Fast!

My plate is overflowing a bit right now, but so far I am on schedule with all shop orders and the Sweet Tooth Bat Kickstarter. In fact, the pins are scheduled to arrive today!! I’ve already put together the majority of Backer packages. The last to go out will be the Cute Bat Club tier, since I had to take time off from sewing (injured my back, had to go to the ER, etc). Even so, I promise to stay on track and have them mailed out this month.

Hampton Comicon

I’m really looking forward to the show this year!! The energy is always great at this one, and I can’t wait to see a ton of artist friends. I have a tiny window to prep for it (amidst packing Kickstarter rewards) but these are the plush I’m hoping to make for the show:

Leaf Kids: Pumpkin Spice variant, Radish variant, Mushroom variant, and Cactus variant.

Lion Fish: Brand new look debuting for the show!

Derpy Shark Pups: Because we all need baby sharks in our lives.

If I have time: Soot Sprites

My booth will be at the center of the room again at 406+425 facing the main aisle. Here is the floor map with a path to my booth:

I hope to see you there!!

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