Happy Frog Friday!

Happy Frog Friday!

Happy FrogFriday! Thank you so much for all the Kickstarter project Shares to social media the last few days. It's really helped the Ribbits jump to 34%!! We have 9 days to go to reach full funding or the Ribbits won't exist. Your pledges and Shares are greatly appreciated!!! 

Here is the project main image + link if you're able to take a moment to copy/paste and share today:


I haven't posted a blog yet with all the Reward Tiers and items available, so here are some graphics depicting all the froggy cuteness available:

Ribbit Rewards

Here is the full list of Reward Items with retail prices (in USD):

  • Kid Ribbit Plushie Clip: $12
  • Baby Ribbit Plushie Clip: $8
  • Mischief Ribbit 1.25" Hard Enamel Pin: $8
  • Sparkles Ribbit 1.5" Hard Enamel Pin: $8
  • Mischief Ribbit 3" Vinyl "Cracked Glass" Holo Sticker: $5
  • Kid Ribbit 2" Holo Acrylic Keychain: $8
  • Baby Ribbit 2" Holo Acrylic Keychain: $8
  • Kid Ribbit Holo Heart Pin: $5
  • Baby Ribbit Holo Heart Pin: $5
  • Sakura Ribbits Wooden Pin: $8
  • Super Ribbits Holographic Vinyl Tote Bag: $30 (only available with the Frog Lovers Club and Double Club tiers)


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