How to Order Handmade Plush from My Shop

How to Order Handmade Plush from My Shop

I hand-craft each plush upon order during my scheduled Shop Releases. I try to do one Shop Release per month, and the date and time is posted on my Instagram and Facebook at least a week in advance. Many customers add an alarm to their phone to remind them of the launch since some of my plush designs sell out within a few minutes. Every Shop Release is very limited since it's just me sewing, packaging, mailing, handling social media, and answering emails to the best of my ability :) 

I'm so sorry that some plush designs sell out very quickly and that I don't have time to make extra plush outside of Shop Releases; I promise I'm working as fast as possible. I'm also lacking time to answer every message asking if I'll make more of a certain item; I always list all plush designs that will be included in the next Shop Release when I make the "official" announcement for it on my social media.

If you would like to order a handmade plush from my shop, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook and set an alarm for my scheduled Shop Release date/time :) Thank you so much for your support and for your patience as I work through each order <3  


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Hello, I’m really looking forward to purchasing a handmade baby Yoda plush ❤️

Mercedes Okeefe

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