January Shop Release

The January Shop Release is happening Friday, January 15th at 3pm(EST). This drop will include Baby Snorlax-$28, Baby Ditto (Bubblegum variant)-$20, and Baby Ribbit (sans lily pad)-$12. 

Dolls will be made and shipped in chronological order starting the week of January 25th and into February as orders are finished. You will receive an email notification upon shipment. Please follow my blog and Instagram for shop updates.

New to the Shop

There are two new bbys in the shop as well- Baby Shliiwok and Baby Snoresnacks wooden pins :) They're both available under the Wooden Pins shop category.


The main question I keep receiving is about Baby Green Boi. For the time being, I'm making green bois by preorder form. The form is currently closed since I reached my 100 form cap. I'm almost halfway through all 100 forms. I will reopen the form once I feel confident I can keep up with all of the preorders in a timely manner. I'll also post once I've reopened the form. When is this happening? I don't have a set date since as with all of my handmade dolls I'm making them one at a time and that takes... time :)  

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