Launching Soon: Enamel Pin Kickstarter

My newest Kickstarter project launches in just ten days on March 10, 2018 at noon(ET). It’s for a hard enamel pin collection of five Norfolk Merdogs:

  • Merpug
  • Mercorgi
  • Merboston
  • Mershiba
  • Merfrenchie

Each pin will be 1.25″ with gold metal, a rubber clutch, and a cute backing card. As with all Kickstarters, this project is “All or Nothing,” so the pins can only be made if we reach full funding. Our goal will be set at $950, and I feel confident that we’ll make it!

Since announcing the project, it’s received tons of love online, and I can’t thank you all enough for that response. This has been a difficult year so far, and all of your words of encouragement warm my heart so much.

Here are the mock-ups for all five pins:

>> Learn More about the Kickstarter here

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