New Cuties, Kickstarter Update and Upcoming Show!

I had a three day show this past weekend and am currently taking it somewhat easy while I finish up some Kickstarter artwork. I’ve got a super packed schedule, but it’s all great news

This Friday at 12:00pm(ET) I’ll be adding some cuties to my shop in need of loving homes:

There will be five Ewoks, one Makar, three Yeticorns, and several Mini Merdogs available.

Norfolk Merdogs Enamel Pin Kickstarter

I cannot thank you all enough for the support you’ve given me with this project! The pledges fluctuate a lot, but at this moment of writing this we’re currently 205% funded!!! There are just three days to go before the project ends, and we are super close to unlocking the third Stretch Goal!!

The project is located here:

Upcoming Show

I’m excited to announce that I’ll have a booth at Commonwealth Brewing Company’s Spring Market happening on April 28th! Here are more details:


I know many of you are waiting for more details on the rainbow sloths! I’m still working on them and am waiting for more rainbow fur to arrive since I used it all up on these cuties! The fabric is scheduled to arrive on Thursday so I can continue working on them. This will be another small batch release, since these floofs are very involved to make. I’m definitely planning on making more of them with fabric that is a bit easier to work with than my usual Very-Intense-To-Work-With faux fur, but those will be further down the road when I’m able to order fabric for them.

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