New Pre-Order Form for Baby Green Boi

New Pre-Order Form for Baby Green Boi

Trying something brand new for 2021 that has been requested many times now :) I put together a preorder form for Baby Green Boi!! I'm hoping this makes the process way less stressful for my customers, since Shopify REFUSES to create a "hold cart" feature, and someone can order an item straight from your cart before you're able to check out :( This has been beyond frustrating for my customers AND for me.. So I really hope the preorder form idea works out!! 

I still have to cap it at 100 entries at a time so I don't reach the point of not being able to make them all within this year. Yes- within this yearrr. This will be a yearlong process and not a speedy one as I work through all of these forms :) And just to give a further reason for the cap: We've almost reached 100 forms overnight(^-^) Thank you all so much for your love of this lil guy!!! 

"Why are you doing preorder forms when you still have to limit them instead of just doing shop releases?" 1. Now it really is first come, first serve since no one can take an item from your cart during checkout; I'll be sewing dolls in the order invoices are paid. 2. A less stressful and hopefully less frustrating process for my customers.  

All preorder form info is available here in the opening description:

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