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I’ve loved having my online shop thru Shopify except for one MAJOR problem: When a customer adds an item to their cart, another customer can purchase that same item as long as they reach Checkout first! I’m not the only artist having trouble with this, either. I’ve been researching the Shopify help boards for months, and every time someone brought up the issue, Shopify staff just didn’t *get it* at all. They seem to not understand that some of us make products by hand and have extremely limited listings that sell out in minutes when we do shop releases. 

I’ve finally found a solution that I hope will be permanent (I say “hope” because Shopify can delete apps at any time). With their help, I was able to install the new “CodersLab Reserve Cart” app. Of course it’s not free so I’ll have to pay even more per month to keep my shop running, but hopefully it’ll make my customers happier. Here is how to reserve an item in your cart:

Step 1: Login or Create an Account

This option is available at the top right of the page on Desktops or the left drop-down menu on Mobile. I highly recommend logging in before a Shop Release starts. 

Step 2: Add Item to Cart

Go to the product page and click “Add to Cart.”

Step 3: Reserve Item

Go to the Cart page and click “Reserve.” The item will be saved in your cart for 15 minutes, so you have time to add other items to your cart during the rush of a Shop Release.

So far, I’ve tested the app out several times myself but haven’t tried it out during the heavy traffic of a new Shop Release. I’m eager to see if it’ll stay solid during that time, because this feature would be so helpful for my customers!! 

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