New Website Features and Shlii Updates!

In addition to fulfilling orders, answering emails, prepping for and vending at shows, handling/restocking inventory, designing new products, creating new artwork, managing all social media accounts, designing promo items, etc. I've ALSO been updating my website this year. 😄 It's a slow process, but I recently added a Reviews feature and am in the works creating a Rewards system! 💖 (I also finally updated my Event Schedule. I'm sorry that took so long!!) I'm also playing around with ads to get my work out there to the masses! 😆🎉 Since I've been selling online for nine years, I feel like I should really try putting my work out there more. It's honestly tough to do and something I've always struggled with. 

At my last show, I had many conversations with people who didn't realize I was a solo artist. They thought I was a small company with employees and such.... It really is such a compliment, but Nope!  It's just me, though I will say I can't imagine doing shows without my husband. He helps me SO much.

Being an artist business is very interesting, because in addition to EVERYTHING ELSE involved with running a business, you have to create your own things to sell (you're not just selling already-created products!). It's not for the "faint of heart," but it is a really beautiful experience and I'm so grateful to all of you for making it possible.

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Yay! I hope you continue to grow I love all your stuff especially that rainbow sloth. I hope to get him for my brothers gf one day :) for now I patiently await my lil dido <3


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