October 2021 Shop Release

I'm doing a very focused shop release this time to give my brain a little break since those Mischief Gators were very intense, physically and mentally, to make. 

For my longtime followers, this character will be easily recognized :) I started making Sweet Tooth Bat plush five years ago and also launched a Kickstarter for enamel pins a few years after that. Sweet Tooth Bats are like fruit bats except..the Shlii version haha They love delicious desserts and baked goods! 

This shop release will feature miniature Sweet Tooth Bat dolls. I'll be making them in lavender, chocolate brown, icing white, and rainbow sherbet. Each order will include a super cute cupcake eraser!! I'm still nerding out about these erasers.. I'll also be making another batch of Baby Green Boi :) 

As always, this is a very limited release since I make each doll by hand. The October Shop Release will launch on Friday, October 8th at 6pm(EST). Photos coming soon! 


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