October Shop Release Details

The 2021 October Shop Release goes Live on Friday, October 8th at 6pm(EST). I will be making Sweet Tooth Bats, Baby Green Boi, and the larger Baby Green Boi (potato lol) available for preorder. Preorder slots will be limited since I make each doll by hand and can only physically make so many at a time. 

Sweet Tooth Bats Miniature Dolls

Each doll is meticulously hand-crafted with soft Minky fabric and stuffed with a mixture of polyfil and polypellets. They each feature my own drawn artwork that I convert to an embroidery file for their faces and wings and can stand on their own due to their little tail. There will be four colors to choose from: Lavender, Chocolate, Rainbow Sherbet, and Icing. Each bat will come with its own cute cupcake eraser (random eraser color chosen). The bats are 3" tall, making them the perfect size to travel with you if you'd like to keep them close wherever you go. As with all my plush, I spend hours carefully creating each Sweet Tooth Bat doll. They will be $40 USD plus shipping. 

Baby Green Boi Dolls

I will also be making limited amounts of potato size and miniature Green Boi for this shop release. I'm sure you already know all of their details already, but here is a photo of them as a reminder of how precious they are ;) 

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