Painted Tree Virginia Beach is Making Waves!!

2022 continues to be an exciting year of growth for my little Shlii biz! In May, my friend, Yvonne, and I opened our very own shop called the Kawaii Cottage. It's such an amazing feeling to have our own space to feature our artwork!! We rent Booth F13 inside the Virginia Beach Painted Tree Boutiques. 

The Painted Tree Boutiques is made up of hundreds of unique booths, each being rented by artists and small businesses. The majority are also Hampton Roads residents, making the Painted Tree a real treasure trove to shop local and shop small business!

The store also provides a streamlined shopping experience for customers. When we bring our artwork/products to the store, we're provided with unique barcode labels for each item. So no matter which booth you shop at inside Painted Tree, everything is rung up together for you and each sale is automatically paid to the correct booth. 

Even though the Boutiques and our little Kawaii Cottage are so new, we've still had a great start!! Thank you so much to everyone for visiting the shop and supporting our work. I know I'm not alone when I say that this entire experience has been such a dream come true :) 

Kawaii Cottage (Shlii Kawaii Toys + Star Whisp Illustrations)~ Booth F13

The Painted Tree Boutiques, open 10am-8pm Mon-Sun

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