Shop Updates November 2020

Hi everyone! I have two big shop announcements: 

I've been sewing+packaging the remaining October 9th preorders this week and am so happy to say that the final ones are going out today and tomorrow!! I tried really hard to get these preorders out as quickly as possible since shipping has been so slow. I've been sewing late into the night and working through the weekends trying to get all of your orders finished, so I hope they arrive soon!!

Since shipping is so slow this year (and ulcer-inducing), my last shop release of the year will be Friday, November 13th at 3pm(eastern time). I want to be able to have enough time to make everyone's orders and mail them out by early December, just in case they're being ordered as presents. In addition to the scheduled shop release, I'll also be making single items and adding them to a "Ready to Ship" section of my shop. This will be an extra busy time, so I apologize if I'm a little slow at responding to emails or messages. 

Thank you all so much for supporting my little shop this year!! 

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