Shop Updates Thursday July 1st

Anyone in the "It's Already July??!!" boat? lol I know I am. 

This morning, I'm taking the remaining May Shop Release preorders to the post office :) I have three big bags of packages, so I hope they're ready! 

I'm currently working on Baby Green Boi preorders #92-#101 and just emailed invoices for  #102-#110. That means I've sent out ALL invoices for this batch of Google Forms! Once I finish sewing all preorders, I'll reopen the Google Form. I'll definitely post a blog and on my social media announcing the time and date I'll reopen the form for anyone interested! And I know I keep saying this, but please keep in mind this is a long process since I make and package each order by hand <3 Lots of love involved from start to finish!! 

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