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Hampton Comicon Rolling In Fast!

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My plate is overflowing a bit right now, but so far I am on schedule with all shop orders and the Sweet Tooth Bat Kickstarter. In fact, the pins are scheduled to arrive today!! I’ve already put together the majority of Backer packages. The last to go out will be the Cute Bat Club tier, […]

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Early Merdog Special for Enamel Pin Kickstarter

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There is an ancient Shlii proverb that states, “The early merdog catches the catfish.” This saying also rings true for Saturday’s launch of the Norfolk Merdogs Enamel Pin Kickstarter. The Kickstarter project goes live at noon (12:00pm ET). There will be a special, reduced price “Early Merdog” tier limited to the first 25 Backers. If you would like […]

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