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2021 MarchxApril Shop Release

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When you let your light shine through the darkness, love blooms. My heart is heavy but focusing on the cute and beauty of spring with the MarchxApril Shop Release still makes me smile. I hope these cuties make you smile, too.   Sakura Ribbit Bucket Hats The process of making these started with me washing all of the blank white hats. Next, I mixed ratios of "hyacinth" and "rose quartz" fabric dyes to create light, pastel colors. I then tie dyed each white hat. After the dye had time to set, I applied dye fixative, let that set, then washed...

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August Shop Release!!

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Hi, everyone! I am so excited to announce that I've finished all of the July Shop Release preorders! Thank you so much for adopting all of the little ones, including the new Baby Shliiwoks. The August Shop Release is right around the corner, and there WILL be some new designs. I cannot wait. I'm still working on the sewing patterns, so I really hope they all work out! I also want to add a new "Mystery Mini Doll" listing. Each $25 blind box will contain *at least* one handmade, random miniature doll. The contents will equal to or go above...

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