Thank You!!

There was so much uncertainty and worry at the beginning of this year when all of my shows were canceled. All I could do was rely on sales through my shop, and that was honestly really scary to have "all my eggs in one basket," so to speak. But starting from my very first shop release to the last, you all have supported my work like I have never experienced before- and I've been doing this a really long time!! My Instagram following also exploded, and the interest in my work vastly grew beyond the amount I could make. Once again- I have never experienced this before and never thought I would EVER experience something like this. So thank you, for being there, for all of your kind words, and for adopting all of the Shlii babies :D 

USPS Continued Shipping Delays

Facts: 1. USPS has been struggling all year. 2. It's a global pandemic. 3. Vast amounts of sorting machines were scrapped during the summer, but I won't get into that. 4. Mass shipments of vaccines are happening now, too. 

All of these things have completely overwhelmed the USPS, so package delays are bound to happen. If your (domestic only!) package has not arrived in fourteen days from when you received my shipping notification, please file a missing package report on Unfortunately, once it leaves my hands to the post office there's really nothing I can do (which is why this has always been a part of my Shipping Policy). Us small businesses have no special ties or secret info with the USPS. We package our items, print a label, stick it on, and mail it out just like anyone else.

Today is December 17, 2020. If you order today or any day after today, please do not expect your package to arrive before December 25th. It is highly unlikely to happen, even if I immediately ship your order. 

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