Why Preorders?

I honestly cannot remember who I had this conversation with, but it was along the lines of me wishing I could offer more of my handmade doll designs when I add them to my shop. I would only add the ones I’d finished sewing, which meant there would only be one or two available. 
For anyone new to my work, I’ll quickly clarify why this is an issue for me:
 In addition to sewing plush for my online shop, I also need time to make, package and ship open orders. I also need about a month’s worth of time to make items for shows. On top of all of that, I used to make items for consignment at local stores and plush commissions, but I just cannot find an ounce of extra time for that anymore. And I won’t go into all of the time needed to run a business as a solo artist..
 I always felt so badly about not being able to offer more of my new plush designs to my online fans, especially since many have been following my work for years and are so supportive and encouraging! 
I will be the first to admit that logic is not a strength of mine, so my friend offered an extremely obvious solution: preorders! It’s basically how Kickstarter works, and I’ve done several of those so this solution should have appeared in my brain! *laughs* 
With pre-orders, I can give myself a larger window to craft which means I can offer more slots on the listing. And each preorder has the date of the week I start packaging/shipping the plush in the listing description so there’s no guesswork for the customer. 
My next preorder launch is happening this Friday, June 7th, at noon(EST) and will include Mothman, a brand new Galaxy Mothman variant, Baby Hops, and “re-release” of Baby Ditto since I’ve had so many requests for them :) 
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I love corgis! How do I go about ordering one?

Caroline KO

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