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Pebble Cat Potato Hand-crafted Doll

Pebble Cat Potato Hand-crafted Doll

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Pebble Cat has a case of RCF (Resting Cat Face). Is it a look of determination, shock, or no thoughts at all? We're not sure, but we love them for it. Pebble Cats can be found in most natural areas- forests, rivers, caves, beaches, mountains- and exist in many sizes and colors. They are often mistaken as regular stones until their cat-like features are noticed. No one has ever seen a Pebble Cat actually move, yet they somehow change position or show up in new places. Sure- a person could totally pick up and move a tiny one. But what about the Pebble Cats that are the size of large boulders and even mountains?? No one is strong enough to move those ones! Down to this day, this is still one of the great mysteries of the land of Shlii. 

Pebble Cat Potato dolls are made of extremely soft, high quality Minky Luxe faux fur fabric and stuffed with a mixture of poyfil and poly pellets. They have embroidered features, a hand-sewn tail, and a hand-embroidered bum. Each Pebble Cat doll is hand-crafted in Norfolk, VA and comes with a signed and dated adoption certificate. 

DECEMBER 2nd 2022 SHOP RELEASE: This listing is to preorder a Shlii doll that is handmade upon order. PLEASE NOTE: I am on person making dolls and packaging orders; completion estimate is mid December to early January. Please follow my social media for status updates. You will receive a shipping notification once I mail your order. 

Care Instructions: Surface clean only with mild detergent. Let air dry.

Important Notices: By purchasing anything from my shop, you agree to the following shop policies:

  • Dolls have small parts which can present a choking hazard for infants and young children. Due to the handmade nature of my items they are not meant for children, pets, or rough play in general.
  • No one in my household smokes, but we do have two dogs. While I don't allow my dogs to stay in my studio space, my studio is still located inside my home. If you have serious allergies to dogs, please take this into consideration.
  • Dolls are each made by hand, so some slight variations may occur. 

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