Smol Guardian Cute Handmade Doll
Smol Guardian Cute Handmade Doll
Smol Guardian Cute Handmade Doll
Smol Guardian Cute Handmade Doll
Shlii Kawaii Toys

Smol Guardian Cute Handmade Doll

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Alpine Guardians protect the mountainous regions of Shlii and also guide travelers to safety. Smol Guardians are the baby versions of these majestic creatures, and they haven't quite learned their important role yet! They're too busy playing and getting into every little thing, so if you adopt one of these cuties be sure to keep an eye on them!

Each Smol Guardian doll is hand-crafted with extremely soft, luxury faux fur and minky fabrics. Their faces feature Kabuki-inspired embroidery. The guardians are also weighted at the base so that they can easily stand upright. They measure about 4"x5" and make perfect desk companions. They also look adorable displayed on shelves.

Made upon order. Please allow me 14 days craft time. Price includes domestic shipping.

Ships USPS First Class or First Class International.


Shlii, an indie toy business, began in 2010. It is owned and single-handedly run by self-taught toy designer and artist, Jackie Ashley. She currently resides in Norfolk, VA with her husband and dog.

Jackie's goal has always been to brighten the mood of her customers with cute and goofy toy designs and accessories. The three focuses of Shlii Kawaii Toys are Patience, Dedication, and Love.

No one at the residence smokes, however her craft room and office are dog-friendly so please take that into consideration if you have any pet allergies.

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